The Treadmill Workout FX

The Treadmill Workout FX


Deep in the neglected basement home gym lives this early 1990’s entry level electric treadmill.

Captured close to the belt, you’ll find samples of this exercise equipment both with and without the sound of the users footfalls. Perfect to compliment any training or exercise scene, or general moving machinery, this pack contains 8 unique sounds across 16 mono and stereo files, recorded at 24bit 96khz. Recorded in M/S stereo, all mono tracks were sourced from the centre mic of the M/S rig.


These recordings were made using Sennheiser MKH50 & Ambient ATE208 Emesser microphones; this M/S rig was mounted inside a Rycote windshield and recorded to the Zoom F4 field recorder. During recording, a high pass filter was used at 80hz to reduce any ambient rumble or handling noise.

  • 16 files
  • 8 sounds
  • mono & stereo m/s
  • 24bit/96khz
  • 439.5 MB
  • Instant Download

Click here for the Treadmill Workout FX track listing