Tea Party Foley FX

Tea Party Foley FX


Pull up a chair, grab a biscuit and enjoy this pack of Foley sounds focused around a tea party.

Inside you’ll find 80 individual files, recorded in mono at 24bit 96khz, ready to be dropped into your next film, game or television project. These Foley effects are recorded to provide a close mic’d perspective of tea cups, mugs, plates, spoons, kitchen drawers and more to add realism to any high tea, afternoon coffee, or late night diner scene.


These recordings were made using a Rode NT55 microphone; this mono rig was mounted inside a Rode windshield and recorded to the Tascam HDp2 field recorder. During recording, a high pass filter was used at 100hz to reduce any ambient rumble or handling noise.

  • 80 files
  • over 80 sounds
  • mono
  • 24bit/96khz
  • 143.3 MB
  • Instant Download

Click here for Tea Party track listing